Medical supplements for improved health

A key element to the holistic wellness credo at Wellnessthetics; Nutraceuticals are best described as foodstuffs or supplements that provide health benefits and nutritional value.
It is widely accepted that specific organic extracts will have a positive effect on both your body and mind.

Food as medicine

Moving away from chemically altered and genetically evolved foods and medicines toward treating illness with food dates back to the ancient Egyptians.

Only now though can we actively manufacture combination natural ingredients to treat chronic disease and illness with healthy food supplements.

Some common Nutraceuticals treat:

  • Complete antioxidant and multi-vitamin for health and immunity

  • Alpha and omega for brain, arteries and skin

  • Immune booster to protect DNA and assist with allergies

  • Healthy, mobile joints – for low bone density and osteoporosis

  • Revitalise the skin, promote hair growth and nail health

  • Renewal and protection of the brain and nervous system

  • Immune system booster

 Remember to visit with on of the team to have the best Nutraceuticals prescribed for your specific needs.
These supplements are very effective and your safety and result are of paramount importance.

Treated as an individual

At Wellnessthetics you will be treated as an individual and a personalised treatment plan will be put together for your desired outcomes, specific skin needs and budget.
Feel free to come and visit us to get our best advice.